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Jan 8th 2019, 10:44 pm

Life is a blend of two extreme ideas - joy and sorrows, achievements and losses - and the mankind knows how best to live it. In the course of evolution, the Homo sapiens has devised many social ways to add to its colors. Various ceremonies, including the wedding ceremony, play a key role in this regard. These ceremonies vary with the geographical, religious and social deviations we talk about across the globe. Greek weddings are given much respect in the western hemisphere due to historical reasons. Let us look into some key features of the modern Greek weddings.

Greek weddings are conducted in two main parts, namely the Betrothal and the Marriage ceremonies. The bride and groom are first asked by the priest at the vestibule of the church, if they had arrived of their own free will. The couple is then led inside the church before the priest blesses the rings and the best man places them on the right ring fingers of the bride and groom. The ring is exchanged thrice between the bride and groom to symbolize their life-long association. The best man can either be a male "Koumparos" or a female "Koumpara". The priest then places his vestment over the couple's crossed hands to solemnize the ring ceremony.

Marriage ceremony is the next to be followed in Greek weddings. Bride and groom are either asked to hold two large, lighted candles in their hands or they are placed on the ground in front of them. The lighted candles symbolize the love and blessings of the Jesus Christ for the would-be husband and wife. The priest then holds the wedding crowns called "stephana" over the couple, and makes the sign of cross three times. The two wedding crowns are connected with a ribbon symbolizing the new kingdom they were about to be entitled the queen and king of. The bride and groom kiss the crowns thereafter, before the best man places them on their heads. He then helps the couple exchange crowns thrice, symbolizing their undividable union.

The priest then reads the responsibilities and duties of a marriage from the bible. They are asked to eat honey and nuts and drink red wine together, symbolizing their common destiny and the share of joy and sorrows. The red wine, symbolizing the blood of Jesus Christ, also carries a divine interpretation. "The Dance of Isaiah" is the next, in which the couple is led by the priest around the altar three times holding the bible in his hand. This symbolizes the suggestion that the bride and groom were to follow the word of god. The circular dance or motion presents the eternity of life. The guests from both sides shower the couple with rice and rose petals to wish them a lasting, happy married life.

The priest would finally take back the and ask the couple to release their hands while holding the bible. This again carries a deep rooted religious meaning, which says only god could separate a solemnized wife and husband after their union. A reception and a wedding dance would be the course thereafter.mattress fabric--